Residential Hydrants

PRIER residential hydrants are the finest quality available. Made from heavy cast brass patterns, copper tubing with stainless steel and aluminum accessories, PRIER hydrants are designed, built and tested to last for the life of the plumbing system.

PRIER stems are made with heavy brass ends and are secured at the handle and at the seat with long wearing ACME threads. The stem is secured at both ends of the valve therefore, PRIER can manufacture a hydrant to virtually any length and not encounter problems associated with stem seating, rattling or noise under flow.

PRIER offers eight different residential models with as many as seven standard inlet options, twelve standard lengths and options for custom lengths and plating finishes. PRIER makes variety and customization a priority so you can have the valve you need, when you need it.

PLEASE NOTE: These ASSE 1019 devices are intended for irrigation use and outdoor watering and shall not be subjected to more than 12 hours of continuous water pressure.




Quarter-Turn Wall Hydrant


Anti-Siphon Design


Freezless Wall Hydrant


Anti-Siphon Wall Hydrant


Heavy Duty Residential


Hot and Cold Mixing Hydrant


PRIER's Original Design

400 Series

Anti-Siphon Wall Hydrant

408 Series

Internal Vacuum Breaker Hydrant

300 Series

Wall Hydrant


Brick Buddy