Angle Sill Faucets

PRIER Angle Sill Faucets, like all of our products, are manufactured using heavy pattern designs that ensure reliability and last the life of your plumbing system. Our cast brass backflange and female stem cap are obvious marks of durability and the satin nickel plating and options for polished chrome give a finish worthy of inside installation. PRIER sill faucet stems are machined from solid brass with long wearing ACME threads, and our seat washers are standard sized for easy maintenance. Additionally, for necessary applications, our hydrants have a vandal proof stem cap and loose key to prevent unauthorized usage.

C-135 / C-235 / C-137 / C-237

Heavy Pattern Angle Sill Faucet

C-138 / C-238

Heavy Duty Hose Bibb Angle Sill Faucet

C-155 / C-157 / C-165 / C-167

Heavy Pattern Angle Sill Faucet with Breaker & BFP


Angle Sill Faucet Box

C-158 / C-258

Heavy Pattern Hose Bibb with Breaker & BFP

P-002 / P-003 / P-004

Hose Thread Vacuum Breakers