Wholesale Distributors

We make it easy to do business.

PRIER’s goal is to be our customer’s best partner.  We do this by removing hassles and finding ways to make your business more profitable. You’ll find all products are engineered to be versatile and maximize space in your warehouse and on your shelves. That means you’ll have less SKUs and parts required in your inventory that take up valuable space.

Being centrally located in U.S. means we ship coast-to-coast within a day to your D.C., branch or designated location. Our live customer service team is well versed in our products and your business, so you always have someone to help solve your challenges.

No Minimum Orders or Return Fees
 Orders Ship within 8 Working Hours
 Low Full Freight Allowance Requirements
 Replacement Parts for the Past 60 Years
Made in the the heartland of the U.S.
 Live Customer Service Associates