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PRIER’s products install easier, function better and are designed to last the life of the plumbing system.  Our practical designs create reliability and give our contractors peace of mind when installing a PRIER valve.  We specialize in hose threaded valves and aim to give you any type of wall hydrant, hose bib, boiler drain, sill faucet, frost proof or mild climate valve you may need.  Our engineers listen to your needs to design the right products to get your job done. 

PRIER can provide a frost proof hydrant at any length because our stems are made with heavy brass ends and are secured at the handle and at the seat with long wearing ACME threads. This durable design will provide long-term quality service and eliminates the problems with stem seat seating, rattling or noise under flow. Our designs offer dependability for the installer and homeowner for years to come. Quality is more than skin deep at PRIER.


C-155  P-164 P-260
c155 00pp-164ds  Gh p260 v3