Photo by JD Hancock, Photo by JD Hancock,

By Joe Poskin, CEO of PRIER Products

At this time of year I am always in a reflective mood, both professionally and personally. At PRIER we review and assess our past year’s efforts then plan and budget the upcoming year and beyond. Personally, I look at myself mentally, physically and spiritually. How am I doing, what should I be doing, what is my plan of attack this year? Throughout this process what struck me over and over again is the number of gifts I receive, not only notable ones throughout the year but the many I receive every day! It humbles me and makes me grateful.

The gifts are big and small and everything in between. It starts for me every morning when I wake up and realize I am healthy and can still go play the game! As I age I must admit it takes a little longer for the kinks to work themselves out but hey, everything’s working! Every smile my way or friendly “Hello” is a gift. Folks that walk through the PRIER doors each day to work, gift me with that choice. PRIER’s very successful year is a big gift but I realize as in your business or life, a great year is a compilation or the result of thousands of gifts received throughout the year. Every time someone chooses to buy a PRIER product, it is a gift. Thank you!

So to all of you at this time and every day, please know that I try to think of you each morning and say a little pray of gratitude and ask for blessings upon you. It is my small gift back to you, who gift me so much every day.

Peace and blessings to you during this holiday season!