“Diamond’s are a girl’s best friend”. Well, the same is true for PRIER. We are excited to introduce our new Diamond Series of wall hydrants that have improved features and a bolstered 3 year limited product warranty. Since purchasing the Mansfield Brass product line in 2007, our engineering department has been working on integrating the best features of both product lines into the new Diamond Series of products. While the look of the valve and the model numbers are the same (M-478s, M-378s, C-144s, P-164s and C-108s), each has improved features.

We have listened to the plumbers who have told us that they want a slim seat design that is easier to install through a smaller hole and that is now standard for each model. After studying the Mansfield style valve, we made it more reliable by using a PRIER style stem, eliminating potential leaks through a spring loaded/ hollow stem. We have standardized the lengths of the insertion pipe for all products so that the Mansfield and PRIER valves are equal in length. After listening to the service plumbers, we created a “push on fitting” seat with a long smooth surface that will make connections easy for the hard-to-install areas. For those plumbers who prefer PEX, we re-engineered our inlets to make them slim in design and eliminating the extra solder joint. We offer that pex connection in both crimp and wirsbo pex for ½” and ¾” connections.

As you can see, we have been listening to our customers to design even better products. While we were at it, we created a new and improved vacuum breaker and cap that is standard for all valves. This redesigned vacuum breaker has proven to perform better in all weather conditions and keeps this product code-approved. The new Diamond Series valves can be easily recognized with a t on the throat of the valve and every packaging box will have the Diamond Series Logo on the label. PRIER’s focus is to make the best frost proof wall hydrants on the market and these Diamond Series valves fit the bill.

Diamond Series-Green